Lottogate ZDF sends wrong numbers

#Lottogate: ZDF broadcasts wrong numbers

“All information without guarantee” this legally safeguarding phrase, which is prayed down at the end of every announcement of lottery results, was probably worth its weight in gold for ZDF this time. Because with yesterday “s today” broadcast wrong numbers were published. Without the phrase, some “winners” could now have turned to ZDF to collect the hoped-for millions from this broadcaster.

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Just yesterday, during the Wednesday drawing of Lotto 6 from 49 was about really a lot of money, after all waited 10 million euros in the lotto jackpot, there was this glitch. ZDF news program “heute” a graphic with the supposedly current lottery numbers was shown for a short moment. But this graphic contained the winning numbers from the previous week.

After 27 seconds, the breakdown was noticed by the station manager and the broadcast was abruptly terminated. The news anchor of ZDF, Alexander Stock, pointed out the error with the graphic and read out the correct lottery numbers of Wednesday’s draw of 19.11.2014.

These are: 4, 5, 18, 26, 34, 48 Super number: 0

Game 77: 1716583 Super 6: 199301

Hopefully some people did not rejoice too early and already once with their boss quit, because they hoped for the large money blessing.

Whereby certainly only very few people will have come on the idea to type exactly the numbers of the previous week again. Although it is statically quite possible that exactly these numbers will be drawn again, after all, all numbers have the same chance, common sense says otherwise.Remains only to hope that such breakdowns and other misfortunes do not accumulate, because who does not remain briefly the heart at a supposed million profit. If it then turns out that it was all just a bad mistake, some people’s hearts could stop forever.

Who looks for nevertheless the Nervenkitzel, which should fill out also in this week again a play light and play along with Lotto 6 from 49. Each individual tip can bring the millions in house.

Other lotteries are also very worthwhile. Thus, this Friday at the lottery EuroJackpot gigantic 40 million in the highest profit class played out. Hopefully then the ZDF does not make another mistake in the announcement of the winning numbers.