Play at the online casino

Playing in the online casino

In the age of the Internet, which invades more and more areas of our daily lives, a visit to a gambling house or casino in real life is no longer necessary if you want to play casino games. Today, this is also possible from the comfort of your own home.

In the online casino, you can easily play in your own living room or any other imaginable place on the road. Every day there is the opportunity to collect large winnings in the casino and pay out immediately. On your own computer you can play casino with Merkur Slots or Lionline. Without having to wait. Here you can play immediately, either for free or directly after the deposit. The winnings are also higher, so why go to the old gambling house at the end of the city?

What are the slot games?

Popular slot classics, such as Eye of Horus, Dragon's Treasure or Jolly's Cap can also be played online. In addition, there are countless other variants such as Super 7 Reels, Knight's Life or Fire of Egypt, to name just a few . The repertoire of casino slot games is almost inexhaustible.Here everyone is guaranteed to find his favorite slot game.

Play at the online casino

In addition to the large selection, the online casino can also score with high payouts. The payout ratio online is usually higher than in the gaming house. On the one hand, the payout ratios are set in the licensing conditions that the casinos must meet. On the other hand, the providers also benefit from lower costs. The slot games are available online, and unlike in a gambling house, neither space nor high personnel costs are necessary. The provider can pass this financial advantage directly to the players. Therefore, there are very high payout ratios in the online casino.

What payment methods are available in the online casino?

Security is the top priority for reputable providers. Deposits and withdrawals must therefore be carried out correctly, quickly and absolutely transparently. Players can withdraw their winnings at any time.

As payment methods in most online casinos the most common are available. Of course, bookings are possible by Visa, Mastercard and other credit cards. Also a Paypal casino will encounter players more and more often, this payment method is in addition to others, such as Neteller, Skrill, Sofort Giropay, Webmoney etc., yet very popular and for the player very easy to process.

Is there also a live casino?

Who prefers – instead of alone at the machine – to play together with other players, who is in good hands in the live casino. The most popular table games in the live casino are, of course, roulette and blackjack. But also Baccarat can be played online and live with other players and under fair and tested conditions.

The normal rules of roulette, for example, are of course also valid online. Likewise, the winning opportunities at the table. If you bet on a simple number and are right, you can win 36 times your stake. Of course, you can also try to play with a system or strategy, so as to increase the chances of winning. However, the fun should be in the foreground, then the luck comes certainly by itself.