Gold coin to win.

Gold coin to win.

“Am Golde hängt, zum Golde drängen doch alles”, let already Johann W. of Goethe his Faust say. And it is still true today, gold rules the world.

Gold is the most stable currency there is. Although the exchange rates fluctuate daily, sometimes more – sometimes less, but the paper money, which can be exchanged for gold, has no intrinsic value in the true sense of the word. It is always worth only as much as someone is willing to give for it or. to exchange. And that can be very little very quickly. The great devaluations of money in the last century are defining examples for it.

Thus gold should always make up a certain proportion of one’s own portfolio, in addition to securities and money. In this way, one always remains on the safe side, even if the euro should one day break apart.

Gold coin to win.

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