Sports betting – tips for beginners

Sports betting – tips for beginners

The world of sports betting is almost limitless and equally versatile as the sports themselves. However, the fascination for the sport alone is not enough to bet successfully. If you have not yet gained any experience in betting, you should first get to grips with the betting provider. Here it is important to find reputable bookmakers and the appropriate type of bet that best suits your profile. We have compiled some important points to help you get started in the betting industry.

Determine sports and betting types

At the beginning it makes sense to limit the betting activities to a Sport to limit. The topic of sports betting is generally already very extensive and requires detailed knowledge. Do not overextend yourself and start slowly. Decide on the sport that interests you the most. Finally, a certain Background knowledge exist. After the choice for the sport has been made, you can choose between several betting methods. Besides Single bets are for example System bets and Combined bets common. Each bet has its own special requirements. Inform yourself before you bet in detail about the differences as well as advantages and disadvantages of the respective bets. At, an online portal on the subject of betting, helpful tips for beginners have been compiled especially for sports betting. Below numerous articles that inform about the different types of bets. For beginners, simple combination bets and single bets are recommended.


Sports betting - tips for beginners

The betting provider – serious, reliable, safe

Finding the right betting provider (bookmaker) is like a challenge. The provider should be serious and reliable. When choosing, make sure that the provider is well rated in many respects. For this you can choose different Comparison portals for betting providers, which check a large number of betting providers in detail and compare them clearly in lists. Thanks to the criteria and ratings you get a good overview of the Total offer. Serious and recommendable examples are bwin, bet365 and tipico. However, no matter which provider you choose, read the Terms and conditions and corresponding rules thoroughly to avoid unpleasant surprises. An important aspect with regard to security are the payment methods. All common payment methods such as bank transfer, Sofort├╝berweisung, Moneybookers, Paysafecard, PayPal and credit card should be provided by the provider.

Odds, minimum deposit and stakes

Some black sheep on the market of betting providers change their odds after bets have been placed. This is not allowed. If you notice the opposite and the odds change negatively after placing, you are well advised to avoid this provider in the future. Make sure that Minimum deposit amounts are on a healthy level. 50 euros should not be exceeded here under any circumstances. Especially for beginners, the possible profits in sports betting are more than tempting. However, do not be tempted to bet too much Stakes to play. Adhere to the guideline to invest only 5 to 10 percent of your balance and you minimize the risk.

Bonus – terms and conditions!

Due to the high competition on the market of sports betting, the individual betting providers fight for every customer. Attractive Bonus programs are the result. However, do not be misled by tempting offers. Before you decide, always check the conditions beforehand. With less good providers, the bonus is linked to almost impossible to meet requirements. Therefore read also the Fine print carefully.