Image film What is it anyway

Image film: What is it anyway?

Commercials, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, flyers – all these are known as advertising tools. But what is an image film all about? An image film is much more than just pure advertising.

But first of all back to the beginning. What is an image film? An image film is a short portrait that shows a brand, a product or a company. An image film should contribute to brand building as well as brand loyalty. These films are often only a few seconds long. Sometimes, however, they extend over several minutes of game time.

What distinguishes a good image film?

Similar to a "real" film, there are also good and bad examples in the field of image films. A good image film plays with the emotions of the viewer, for example. This means that it has to pick up or touch the viewer or the customer on an emotional level. Ideally, the viewer associates exciting and positive emotions with the image film in question.

Image film What is it anyway

The best way to achieve this is for the company or brand to present itself authentically and openly in the film. The characteristics, which stand for a good image film, are therefore, genuineness, compactness and high quality.

Is an image film not also simply only advertisement?

For someone who has not yet dealt with the subject of image films, it can easily seem that an image film is nothing more than an advertising spot that may have been a bit longer in length. But this is not the case. An image film is not a commercial or advertisement. Nevertheless there are parallels.

Differently than a commercial an image film exhibits both advertising and documentary beginnings. In addition, it is longer than a conventional spot and does not have a direct “call-to-action element”.

Thus, it can be said that an image film is a type of advertising, which, however, does not present a product, but a company or a brand. It also serves to improve the image of the casino. In order to remain authentic, true circumstances are often shown in the context of an image film. In a commercial this is usually not the case. However, the boundaries here are very fluid.