Netbank introduces account fees for current account.

netbank introduces account fees for current account.

From 01. April 2023 netbank's free current account is history.

Unfortunately, this is not a premature April Fool's joke. The netbank bank buried to the 01. April 2023 the previously free current account. Thus the circle of the offerers of free current accounts becomes again a piece smaller.

New account management fees

From 01. April 2023, netbank customers will have to pay at least 1 euro per month for their previously free checking account. But only if they have a regular income on the account. Otherwise the fees to be paid from April are even higher.

Conditions from 01.04.2023 for the netbank current account:

  • 1 euro per month account maintenance fees and free giroCard (formerly EC Card)
    with regular income receipt of at least 400 euros
  • 3.50 euros per month account maintenance fees and 5 euros per year for giroCard (formerly EC Card)

    if the income is less than 400 euros

As income input counts salary, wages, compensation, pension, pension, BaföG, tuition fees, pay, remuneration, private withdrawal, pension, blind person's allowance and blind person's assistance, but not rental income.

What you have to give netbank credit for is the fact that the 400 EUR required as income input for the low account fee is relatively low. Other banks require there higher cash receipts.

Worse conditions

In addition to the new account management fees for the girokonto, netbank holds for its customers Further deterioration parat.

For example, the cooperation with ReiseBank cancelled. The free deposit of cash and the withdrawal of larger sums of cash (between 5.000 and 25.000 €) is from the 27.02.2023 no longer possible via ReiseBank branches.

Garnishment protection and basic accounts, which were also previously without a basic fee, are from 01.04.2023 exempt from charges only for minors.

The free supply of cash abroad via the MasterCard Classic (in 1. year free of charge, then €20 per year) is only possible 1 time per month from April. Up to now you could use this service 5 times per month. A real deterioration.

Providers of free current accounts

After the current account of netbank in the future costs, the circle of providers who have a real free current account in the offer, has become a bit smaller again. But there are still them, the accounts, which cost nothing and nevertheless each quantity of service achievements contain. You just have to look for it properly.

Providers of free current accounts:

  • DKB
    no basic fee, free giroCard & VISA Card, free cash withdrawal worldwide
  • ING-Diba
    no basic fee, free giroCard & VISA Card, free cash withdrawal in € countries
  • comdirect
    no basic fee, free giroCard & VISA Card, free cash withdrawal only in the Cashgroup
  • consors Bank
    No basic fee, free giroCard & VISA Card, free cash withdrawal worldwide

These providers, of which there are with norisbank, Santander, 1822 direkt, fidor Bank and N26 still some more, should use everyone. If these providers do not change their conditions – which can happen at any time, however, as long as the interest rates are so historically low – there is no reason for most netbank customers to continue to stay with this bank.

Until April there is still enough time to cancel the existing netbank account and to handle the banking transactions in the future via a new current account at another bank.