Aquí te traemos este espectacular pack de aplicaciones y juegos para celulares con sistema operativo Windows Mobile 5 y 6.

Aplicaciones Windows Mobile 5 & 6

1)SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 – un espectacular entorno virtual que te permitirá dar un vuelco total a la apariencia por defecto de tu PDA.
2)Icon Soft Phonex 2.2- Proporciona un agradable nuevo estilo de interfaz de iPhone marcador. Incluso hay una opción para desactivar el marcador predeterminado de Windows.
3)Nitrogen Player- Nitrogen player es un interesante reproductor de audio con el que podrás disfrutar de toda la colección de archivos MP3 que guardas en tu PDA.
4)Resco File Explorer 2010- Gestiona, ejecuta, comprime y visualiza archivos con este potente explorador.
5)Resco Photo Manager- Finger friendly, useful for editing photos(to some extent), the best app in it’s category.
6)Flexilis Mobile Security- A free anti-virus for WM.
7)Opera Mobile Browser 10- Definitely the best browser. It’s quite smooth and it makes browsing Internet fun.
8)Nimbuzz- This app lets you connect to various sites at once to Face book, yahoo, gtalk and many more.
9)Google Maps- Need I say anything, a phone is incomplete without this app.
10)You tube- Again no need to say anything… J
11)S2U2- Imitates the popular Iphone’s slide to unlock feature.
12)T9 phone pad- The good old T9 phone pad for those hate the in-built QWERTY keypad. Enables you to type faster.
13)Swype- A cool new QWERTY keypad, has bigger buttons than the default one.
14)Flash keys- A flash Qwerty keypad, it requires flash player 7(which I have provided in the RAR file). Takes up whole of your screen,
15)Call Firewall- A nice and small app to block calls and messages.
16)Clean Ram- Cleans the ram as it’s name suggests. Better than soft resetting your device,
17)Wizcode Defragmentor- Helps defragment the Ram and memory card.
18)TCPMP Player- A mobile media player that can play almost any format that you throw at it. Definitely a must have.
19)VS Painter- For those artists out there, the best paint app on WM.
20)MSS Converter- Can convert many quantities, even currency. And the best part is that you can update the currencies automatically.
21)X-plore- Is equally good as the Resco file explorer,
22)Flash Player 7- Needed to play the latest flash content on your mobile.

Juegos Windows Mobile 5 & 6

1)Astraware Boardgames- The best collection of boardgames.
2)Need For Speed Undercover- The best car racing game for WM(as far as my knowledge is concerned).
3)Guitar Hero 3- A fun 3 button game. Recommended for rock music buffs.
4)Hot Pursuit- Test your detective abilities with this addictive game which provides hours of game play.
5)Spider man Toxic City- For those who like the button smashing games.


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